Throughout my meandering experience I have been known to travel from time to time.  I plan on using this venue to describe the journeys that I have taken and will take.

Southwest United States (Utah-Arizona-California-Nevada)
Monument Valley (Utah-Arizona)
Dinosaur National Monument (Utah)
Grand Mesa (Colorado)
Hanging Lake (Colorado)
Colorado National Monument (Colorado)
Bachelor Gulch (Colorado)
Southeastern Utah

Grand Junction & Vicinity, January 2006 (Colorado)
Seattle, September 1998 (Washington)

Early April 2008

Southwest United States (Utah-Arizona-California-Nevada)

Trip Route
Spectacular rock formation east of Canyon de Chelly National Park.
Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ.  A warm, spectacularly beautiful place.  I highly recommend visiting the next time that you are in the area!
Looking towards the southwest over Sedona from the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
The rows of palm trees of the Southwest around Yuma, Arizona.
A Border Patrol vehicle sitting alongside the Interstate next to a large sand dune which, essentially, is the border between California and Mexico.  Taken at a rest stop a couple hours outside San Diego.
Beachside at the Pacific Ocean:  Coronado Beach on Oceanside Boulevard in San Diego California.  There is nothing quite like the breeze coming from the ocean.
The GPS proves it!
Valley of Fire State Park, on the north side of Lake Meade:  Notice the contrast of the red rocks against the jagged cliffs in the background.  Some of the reddest rock I've ever seen, and some of the most unique terrain.


Early July 2007

Bluff, UT, Monument Valley, and points in between.

The route from Grand Junction through Monument Valley.

"Twin Rocks," above the small cafe and gift shot at its base.  If you are ever in Bluff, UT, this is definitely the place to eat.  I ordered an ala carte breakfast and the presentation and quality of the food was awesome!

Many rock formations in this part of the world look like hands or fingers.  This, obviously, is the former.

A beautiful shot of a variety of the rock formations in southern Monument Valley.  The tall, long, thin rock is called "Totem Pole Rock."  Amazing place.

The classic, quintessential photo of Monument Valley.


Early July 2007

Around Dinosaur National Monument (Utah) and Vernal, UT.

The route from Grand Junction through Vernal, UT, and Dinosaur National Park.


Near Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

Truth be told, I prefer Pepsi, and their products, over Coke and theirs.  When I saw this "Pepsi Drive Thru" at a gas station outside Vernal I absolutely needed a picture of it.

Oddly, I got a water there.

The geological formations at the quarry of the Dinosaur National Monument are absolutely beautiful, as is this part of Utah (and others, of course).


Late June 2007

Atop the Grand Mesa, east of Grand Junction, CO.

Standing, roadside, by one of the lakes atop the Grand Mesa.

A serene mountain meadow near the Mesa's highest point; at this point in June there was still snow up there!

Looking out from the Lands' End Observatory towards another lookout from the Mesa.  In the background you can see the Grand Valley.
Another view from the Lands' End Observatory:  Palisade, Clifton, Grand Junction, and Fruita can be seen in the background.

"Raber Cow Camp."  Where do cows attend summer camp?


Mid-June 2007

Hanging Lake, near Glenwood Springs, CO.

A trailside waterfall on the hike up to Hanging Lake.

A view of the canyon from the trail.

The waterfalls of Hanging Lake.

The clear blue mountain water of Hanging Lake.



Mid-June 2007

Atop the Colorado National Monument, south of Grand Junction, CO.

From one of the first turn-offs going to the top of the Monument, you can see the Grand Mesa in the background.  To the left-hand side of the photo is Grand Junction.

A better view of the entire Grand Valley from atop the Monument.

This overlook is of Independence Rock, looking out from the Monument out onto the Redlands and Fruita.



10 May 2007

Outside the Ritz-Carlton at Bachelor Gulch

Standing outside the loading dock on the west side
of the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch looking at the
mountainside to the west and the houses on it.

A different section of the mountainside taken from
the same location.  A beam of sunlight made for
an interesting shot.


March 2007

Trip through Utah:  Green River, south through Lake Powell and returning to Grand Junction via Moab.

Grand Junction to Green River, south through Lake Powell area and north through Blanding, Monticello, and Moab.  Return through Castle Valley.

Rock formations along the road, south of Green River, UT.

If you could read the sign on the boat across the highway, you'd read a logo that looks a lot like that of "Motel 6," but reads "Boatel 6."  No Tom Bodett here, though.

The clouds flowing overhead, above the landscape from north of the Valley of the Gods and south of Lake Powell is captured in an absolutely stunning manner in this picture.

Looking out from the same lookout.  Hints of the Valley of the Gods can be seen in the south.

An arch that lies roadside between Moab, UT, and Monticello, UT.



January 2006

Grand Junction, CO - My neighborhood and The Colorado National Monument.  All photos taken January 2006.

Grand Junction area map.

Colorado National Monument:  Approaching the east entrance.  Taken January 2006.

Grand Mesa taken from the eastern face of the Colorado National Monument.

Looking eastward from a shopping plaza parking lot north of my apartment complex.

Northward-looking at some cloud formations from the same parking lot as above.

The golf course pond behind my apartment complex. 


September 1998

Seattle, Washington

Me, with the Space Needle guy at the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.  I was visiting the area as part of a military conference.  The base of the Space Needle can actually be seen in the background, rising up through the top of the photo.