Previous Interests


Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic.NET, and ADO.NET

Currently working on programs to simplify inventory control in a small business and a consumer-oriented program aimed at simplifying a common task regarding home economics.

Visual Basic.NET, Databases (Access and SQL), and

Currently working on consumer-oriented programs aimed at simplifying menial chores in order to increase productivity and amount of free time which an individual has.

In my volunteer efforts supporting non-profit entities, I have been working with JavaScript to enhance web-based forms and other administrative activities on an extension of the organization's website.




Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

As part of the Customer Preview Program for Windows Vista I routinely operated Windows Vista Ultimate in a dual-boot configuration alongside Windows XP Professional on my main computer, providing feedback along the way and updating from Beta 2 through the Release to Manufacturing version.

WordPress and other Content Management Systems

Working on a content management system to move current website away from HTML, towards a "Web 2.0" dynamic.  Also working on CMS for software versioning and storage.Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

To increase user support in my volunteer position as an Information Technology Consultant with Hartmann Engineering, a professional engineering firm, I have been working with RDC.





Home Network Development

I’ve just completed updating the home network in my apartment to a switched 10/100 Ethernet network to a hybrid Gigabit-wired/802.11n (Draft 2) wireless network complete with Network Attached Storage (NAS).  My upgrade plans are to put an application server online as well as increasing the robustness of the entertainment nodes on the network with either a Windows- or Linux-based solution.

My Personal Computer

I have recently constructed my latest computer system and continue to work on tweaking and upgrading the systems in my home.Home Server, Revisited

Reconstructing a recent Gateway-branded media center computer, I am working on converting it to a home media and backup server on a gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n home network.




Decision Theory

My foray into decision theory is coupled with my studies in nano-economics and information science and my marketing background.  I am working to formulate a useful real-world model for “quickest route” decisions while utilizing as perfect as possible quantitative and qualitative data as is practical using an interdisciplinary approach that is universally applicable.


Marketing and Military History

I am currently studying marketing in-depth, once again, in efforts towards a marketing plan.  Military history is an old stalwart of mine as it relates to many a topic, or at least offers a fundamental understanding of the underlying elements on my blog.


Management Theory and Finance

These are in conjunction with my matriculation as a finance student with Western Governors University and my ongoing studies into management theory and methods.