The Many Faces of Our World on 7-7-2007:

A theory known as "Quantum Many Worlds Theory," or a concept know as "the multi-verse" celebrates its 50 year birthday this month.  What a way to separate than to review the theory!
"Fifty years ago this month Hugh Everett III published his paper proposing a "relative-state formulation of quantum mechanics" - the idea subsequently described as the 'many worlds' or 'multiverse' interpretation. Its impact on science and culture continues. In celebration, a science fiction special edition of Nature on 5 July 2007 explores the symbiosis of science and sci-fi, as exemplified by Everett's hypothesis, its birth, evolution, champions and opponents, in biology, physics, literature and beyond."


What Happened First, or Loop Quantum Theory on 7-2-2007:


What happened before the Big Bang? Does that question even make sense?
Martin Bojowald, an assistant professor of physics at Penn State University, may have broken through this barrier for the first time. He is working on a theory called Loop Quantum Gravity, and it combines relativity and quantum mechanics. Using this new math, something amazing happens: at T=0, the volume of the Universe is not zero, and the density is not infinite.


Quantum Dots on 6-24-2007:


A great new revolution in quantum information science ala teleportation:  "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"
According to recent research, tiny clusters of atoms known as quantum dots may be excellent media for quantum teleportation, a physics phenomenon in which information – in the form of a quantum state, a very specific mathematical “signature” of an atom – can be transmitted almost instantaneously to a distant location without having to physically travel through space. Teleportation is one facet of quantum information science, a developing field that could have a major impact on computing and communications.