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My Evolving Story
"And all I seem to be getting is colder"


The year of 2007 was when I was struck with the fact that this year would mark my third year in Grand Junction.  From my perspective, at this time in my life, it meant that I was finally "settling down."  Years of turbulence and strife in my life had finally reached a point where it was subsiding.  My stable life fed my stagnation.  My stagnation allowed for the negative things happening in my world for me to allow myself to grow mentally weak.  Not keeping up on it, I allowed a business partnership to crumble.  I allowed friendships to fall to the wayside.


Entropy is the perfect word for much of 2007.  Without energy added to a particular system, it is doomed to decay. 

It wasn't all a bad ride, however.  I've been very thankful for Laser Junction, what I have come to refer to as my "9 to 5 job;" only in the sense that it lasts about 40 hours a week, starting at about 8 o'clock in the morning, and keeps me with gainful employ, a roof over my head, and food on my table.

As the year progressed I separated myself from the world, coming around to try and mend the ordeal which had been allowed to be created by myself to also be mended through myself.  My summer brought with it a plethora of travel, my autumn brought with it not only a change in the colors of the leaves, but also a change in my outlook on the world.

"Or has it ever come down to do or die
You've got to rise above the rest

I went back to the fundamentals, approached the basics again.  "As long as I'm alive...there is nothing that I can't overcome. My blog reflected the academic and personal issues which I was going through.  From a daily thing, it had become a quasi-weekly thing by the last quarter of the year.  I decided that I would start running again; no more jogging towards my goal, no more walking.  It was time to run.

In the last two months of 2007 I incorporated two nonprofit organizations and my own for-profit Subchapter S Corporation.  I had assembled a project team with a manager whom I had come to trust, despite a falling out which we had months previous.  I decided to diversify my risk this time around by allowing myself to work on multiple projects which I had cultivated.  I had also enrolled in university again and planned to start again in January 2008 towards a degree in Finance.

I volunteered my time and efforts to a couple of very good friends and former colleagues with mine as their Resource Manager with the Mesa County Association for Paranormal Scientific Studies, or MAPSS Paranormal as it is more popularly known.  In addition, I volunteered more time and effort as a General Manager for the Fleeting Souls Foundation, a strategic partner with MAPSS Paranormal, and took on its founder, Angelic Ross, as a client by becoming her Personal Manager.

And although Journeyman was cancelled in late December, 2007 would end on a much better note than it began.



"The future's so bright, I gotta' wear shades"