Battlemaster is a light-weight, browser-based role-playing game created by Tom Vogt.

I have played it and been an active member of the Battlemaster community since April 2004.  While others see it as simply a game, I have looked upon it as a a microcosm of the "real world" and the ideals that are upheld by many in it as a way of life.

Download the Tool for Oaths Estimation!  In a few simple steps you can maximize your share of your region's taxes!

Download the Unit Cost Estimation Tool using the Emarama-Fiddler formula for calculating unit cost in Eston!

Download the Weekly Unit Cost Calculator using the formula devised by the Fiddler Family on Battlemaster!

New!  Download the Fundamental Tenets of Kane-McKay Battle Doctrine outlining the principles of successful combat techniques established by Andrew McKay and Christofer Kane of Eston, Atamara!

Note:  Both tools require the use of Microsoft Excel.  If you do not have this program, you can also use the Excel 2003 Viewer to open these files.

Please send any feedback or requests to me!

My Characters

Andrew McKay, King of Eston (Atamara)

Alexander McKay, Knight of Sandalak, South-West Island

Ethan McKay, Knight of Vlaandren

Matthew McKay, Priest of the Flow of the Balance in Fontan

Theodore McKay, Adventurer (Currently Paused)


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