About Me



Say what you mean, do what you say.  In a world where more people are applying different principles of ethics to each situation, I'm one of the rock solid types that adhere to the same ethics and morals regardless of the situation in which I find myself.  Integrity and maintaining the trust of those that have charged with me it are important things to me.  A highly entropic world calls for leaders that are wise, courageous, hard working, and can make order of the chaos.  This is the world for which I've groomed myself.

With the intensity of an electric guitar, the elegance of a piano, and the grace of a violin...this is how I prefer to approach life.  I strive to be a wise strategist and a practical tactician working smart and hard for the mission and the component tasks at hand.  The coupling of technical competence with tactical proficiency allows me to thoughtfully and creatively apply resolutions to situations that I am faced with. 

I grew up in the upper Mid-west, spending several of my formative years working on my family's farm.  I attribute much of my "work smart and hard" work ethic to the experiences that I forged here.

Passionate loves for the sciences (namely physics and psychology), business (especially management, marketing, and economics), technology (anything with a chip, sans cell phones), the military, and the study and application of leadership add depth of knowledge for the great amount of experience that I've been a part of over the years.  Though this highlights my interests plotted across the timeline of my life, I am an avid life-long learner and, along with keeping up with current events, I like to constantly be learning new things.

The Myers-Briggs portion of my personality profile pegs me, privately, as an INTJ and professionally as an ENTJ.  In short, I'm the kind of guy that likes to analyze and design systems with a comprehensive approach and find matters of strategy and tactics from the perspective of a field marshal-like position an easy task.  I've always developed my skill set to be a leader in any size organization.

I stand firm in my morals and ethics and strive for perfection, though I realize that I, just like everyone else, is human.  Though we each try to minimize our mistakes, an individual needs to be forward-looking with the ability and confidence to learn from errors and proceed towards success. 

Respect for others and civic duty are important to me.  I will commonly be out and about and watch the behaviors of individuals and ask myself upon seeing them in some act of disrespect to others, the community, or themselves and I stop and wonder if the moral fibers that bind our society together are decaying from within.

I believe that the world is black and white, but human emotions add color, conflict adds texture.  There are good and evil forces in the world, but many shades of gray as well.  I believe that most people are good at their core, few are born rotten.  I believe that each individual should be free in his or her pursuit of a better life, liberty, and happiness, but many people are limited by their behaviors in the attainment of such things, whether they know it or not.

Although you can learn more about me and my philosophies on my blog, I'm certain that as my thoughts for this page develop, as will my presentation of my attitudes and paradigm represented herein further cement, it will develop also. 

So, stay tuned.